is a “father-focused” consumer review & general parenting site concentrating on the myriad of products requiring some level of paternal input prior to finalizing a family purchase. With rapid innovation in the space and emerging technologies contributing to everything from infant wearables to connected nurseries and “ultra-compact “ strollers; the need for an at your thumbs catalog of relevant product reviews by category is more apparent than ever. The fact that list of must have items continues to grow by the child just adds to the increasing need for a site that Dads can rely upon for relevant intel that speaks to us in a language we understand…”Dad” viagra precio online.


Dadsitting’s core emphasis is product reviews, but we’ve reserved an advice and experiences section where we’ll humbly admit to brilliantly poor ideas like reenacting Five Little Monkeys jumping on the bed after a blueberry pancake breakfast. Conversely you’ll find innovative posts on useful stroller hacks and sage advice like hiding an emergency squeeze-pack (aka my husband is my hero pack) in the glove compartment.